Writing Growth Over The Year


Over seventh grade I have grown a lot in writing. I have learned that it is good to put writing in paragraphs and to explain details more. Now, I share my feelings even more so that people from around the world can view my writing. I have had a great time in English class. Writing is a place to explore and discover new things. Writing is also my place to get away from reality. There is one dreamland for me in the world, and that’s my writers notebook.

Seventh Grade

GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!! I HATE HOMEWORK! Seventh grade was way harder than I thought. Watch out because you never know what’s coming next.

When I got to seventh grade I thought that the homework load would be reasonable and that I would be able to keep my 10 PM bedtime. But it turns out that the homework load is completely unreasonable because the teachers want to prepare us for eighth grade. Also I began to fall in love with golf even more and golf 30 hours a week. I would get home at 9 from golf and study until my eyes would bail out on me.

I also figured out that the 3 most important things in life are golf, grades, and God. Now, I know that grades and golf will get me into college and a career, and God will guide me there. This year I have gotten even closer to God and have built up my faith with him.

I’m very excited for eighth grade. I hope to build up my faith even more with God. I also hope to decrease my score in golf and make straight A’s. I have had a great year in seventh grade. Although the year was tough, we all pushed through it.

Practice Makes… Almost Perfect

Out on the range everyday, that’s me. I’m not perfect yet, but I’m working towards being almost perfect.

Bam! You will see me out practicing every single day of the week. You will see me in below freezing weather, in the rain, in wind storms, and in over 100 degree summer weather. People will stop by and say good shot! And I reply, not good enough. I don’t wanna be good I wanna be great. I’m out there so much because being in the LPGA is my life long goal. I’ve only been playing for a year, so that means that I have a lot of catching up to do.

People say that practice makes perfect, but really in the game of golf there is no such thing as perfect. Although, there is a true statement: practice makes almost perfect. Almost perfect is what I’m working for and I will be there one day.


The war was the devils dungeon. Those are the kindest words I can say about it.

It was never ending. Every corner cannons fired. Black, rusted, tired, evil cannons. Men behind the cannons showed no mercy. Their faced wrecked, their uniforms tattered, and their helmets filled with holes. No one could get out, but plenty still got in. People disappeared, no one knew where they went. Their only guesses were death. Every time I thought the war was over, more soldiers appeared. My hope had faded by the second year.

The tents and forts were in poor condition. The air was filled with smoke and fog. The food had ash sprinkles on every dish. No wonder people were sick. The nurses began to get no sleep. It was a miracle if someone survived with a wound. No hope, no love, no faith; I felt that it was all over. But it wasn’t.


Favorite Memory

When I was little, I just couldn’t do without my barbies. Barbies were basically my life. They were the most special things to me.

Dresses, skirts, shoes, bows; babies were just the best! I could dress them in anything. They had everything. I wanted to shrink and become a part of their world. I remember the magic kingdom of Barbie and Ken. I wished to become one of them and get married to a Ken.

The dream house was my favorite of all. The pink plates stacked perfectly, along with the purple dining table always ready for dinner. The elevator could take Barbie all the way to her room upstairs. While I played, I made sure that her room was always perfect!

I loved barbies so much. Barrie’s made my childhood a fairy tale. Without them, I would have had no dreams. No dreams to be perfect and to be a fashion designer. I loved living in a plastic world and sometimes I look back and remember what that world was like.

My Favorite Quote

My favorite quote is: I love to play golf and that’s my arena. You can characterize it and describe it however you want, but I have a love and passion for getting that ball in the hole and beating those guys. – Tiger Woods.

This quote says that a passion is something that you follow and never give up on. It’s the place that you always want to be at. All I want to do is golf, I think about it every second. This quote states my exact feelings. Also, it says that even though people can be mean and make fun of golf, you still love it. He is saying that he loves golf no matter what people say, and that he always wants to do his best.

This quote is said by Tiger Woods. Tiger Woods is a PGA Tour Champion. He has put in the most work anyone has to not just be good, but to be great. His family was very poor when he was young. His father decided to push him into golf because they could not afford college. Golf would get Tiger a scholarship to college, as it did to Stanford. Stanford was where his golf career started. Tiger Woods has been my role model and will always be. I want to follow in his footsteps when I’m older.



Finding My Passion

” Bam! Swish! Plop!”, on the range my balls hit the 85 yard flag green. A passion is something that you love unconditionally and cannot stop going out to practice. It may take awhile to find it but the wait is definitely worthwhile.

As I said earlier, a passion is something you love. Not just love, but love unconditionally. That means nothing or no one can get in the way of a true passion.  Its crazy how much I love golf. I love golf so much that every day I want to be practicing. Whenever I have a bad day, I want to play even more. You gain more love for something when you improve by practice. Never underestimate the power of practice. People say that practice makes perfect, however there is no such thing as perfect in the game of golf. In golf it is all about how much you love the game and how well you take a bad day of golf. If you have a bad day of golf and get frustrated, go home, and not practice because you’re telling yourself you stink; its probably not the right sport for you. On the other hand, if you have a bad day, then go to the range the next day and practice the things you did wrong; that’s a real passion. You may not find your passion in the first thing you try,  but I promise you will find one.

A passion involves dedication, and dedication is hard to give. Don’t let that passion of yours just be sitting around, put practice into it. I hope that one day everyone can have a love for what they do.

Spanish Oaks Golf Club

It’s 5:00 in the morning. I slowly roll out of my bed, tired yet excited. The temperature is just right, not hot, not cold, but perfectly in the middle. I am where I wanna be:  golfing 72 holes. My favorite place is Spanish Oaks Golf Club.

The main reason why I love Spanish Oaks Golf Club is golf. My passion is golf. Nothing else can compare. Every second, every minute, every hour, and every day I want to be at the golf course. It’s a love that’s never ending. I think about golfing everywhere: my house, school, breakfast, vacations, sleepovers, and I guess you pretty much get it. Golfing at Spanish Oaks Golf Club is like my mini-heaven.

Another reason is it’s a place to get away. Away from the angry teachers, the drama, friends that stab you in the back, and all the other things that I loathe.  Spanish Oaks is flawless, unlike my life. No yelling, no nothing, just peace and quiet. my ADD doesn’t affect me when I’m there, which is weird because it affects me everywhere else except Spanish oaks. it’s crazy how much love I have for the perfect Spanish oaks.

I haven’t listed even close to all things I love about Spanish Oaks. This place is my second home. I rely on it like my best friend. Spanish Oaks Golf Club is my favorite place on the planet.





Summertime is the Best!

Ah, summertime! The weather gets warmer, skin gets tanner, boys get cuter, hair gets blonder, and life gets better. Summertime is just the best!

The number one reason that makes summertime the best is that there is not one ounce of homework. No drudgery of staying up till 11 and waking up at 5 to finish it. No more crying and complaining about teachers giving me too much work. School is  9 full months of 3 hours of homework, and summertime is 3 full months of paradise. No homework is a vacation into summertime!Oh how I love having no homework!

Another reason is being able to sleep in!! Oh how  I love to sleep in. All girls need their beauty sleep, and boy summer makes is happen.No more waking up every single way of the week with bad hair, causing drama and making it a complete bad hair day!! That never happens in summertime. No more setting alarms for 6, it’s wake up whenever I feel like it in summertime!

Oh, and the clothes! The clothes are fabulous! Short-shorts, Tory Burch sandals, Kendra Scott’s, bikinis, and so so so much more!Summertime is like clothing line paradise! I’m telling you the clothes have something for everyone, especially me!

Summertime is the time to be in. I adore everything about summertime. Summertime please come sooner, cause I can’t stand to bear winter anymore!!

The Rain

“Pitter, patter, pitter, patter.” The rain started out slowly drizzling. The little rain drops hitting the leaves and gliding off onto my hair. At least it started out gentile.

I was outside chipping. On an I guess, ordinary day. Practicing for a tournament coming up. “Bing, swoosh! Bing, swoosh!” My golf balls made a little sound as the went into the net.

The rain started out small, kind.

The rain had a foul stench when the weather started to become windy.

I ignored it. I put aside my second warning.

The wind escalated. I kept thinking it would blow over.

That was my third warning.

My hair was drenched heavily. I felt overweight. My clothes were small weighted but now obese.

Fourth warning.

The rain was small.

“Bam! Bam!” The lightning struck the tree next to me. The rain turned into hail! I was stuck holding a tree scared. So scared that my brain couldn’t think. I was blank.

I tried to climb. The wind blew the pool chairs away. I thought I was gonna be blown away.

That was my last warning before the darkness kicked in.